"Dark Money" Special Interest Groups Seek to Buy Arkansas Supreme Court

The Citizens United decision opened the proverbial floodgates for "dark money" to flood elections across our country.  These dark money groups do not play by the same rules as campaigns.  They do not have to disclose their donors or sources of money.  Campaigns have to adhere to strict rules regarding fundraising and disclosures of donors.  

The latest dark money group to invade Arkansas is the Judicial Crisis Network, a shadowy out of state group believed to be funded by the nursing home industry and anti-consumer groups affiliated with the chambers of commerce.  These entities seek to do nothing but add to corporations' bottom lines, often at the expense of you and your loved ones.  This group has recently dumped half a million dollars onto Arkansas airwaves in an attempt to take down Courtney Goodson and Clark Mason.  Why?  To promote good government or "good judgin'?"  No.  Because they want to move in, buy our court and restrict your 7th Amendment right to trial by jury. 

Make no mistake, the movement is afoot to buy our court out from under us.  These groups behind the Judicial Crisis Network do not care about fairness.  They care about money.  And they want to ensure they keep raking it in hand over fist.  And who have they vilified?  Trial lawyers?  The people who help you hold a drunk driver responsible or who helps a family in need in a domestic case.  The Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association has strongly condemned these groups.  Early voting starts today.  As you go to the polls, tell these dark money groups that our courts are not for sale in Arkansas.  You could be the next person who is in need of the justice they were designed to provide.