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Personal access. It’s the hallmark of my practice. I keep my firm small because I feel that the best way to win for a client is to know them and their case inside and out. I focus on personal injury, civil litigation, and medical negligence cases.

During your free consultation I will carefully review the facts of your case and provide you with my best advice on moving forward. That advice, if your case merits, may be arbitration, mediation, or going to court. I pride myself in being honest with you during the consultation and steering you in the direction that will give you what I feel is the best outcome.       

With nearly 20 years experience in the legal field, I will provide you with proven skills that have garnered awards and many satisfied clients. While I can’t guarantee the monetary outcome of your case, I can guarantee you the highest quality representation. You have my word on that.



Medical Negligence

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Below is a list of settlements and verdicts.  Of course, every case is different.  The following are for illustrative purposes only.


$760,000.00 – Fire Loss

$750,000.00 – Medical Malpractice

$450,000.00 – Medical Malpractice

$385,000.00 – Fraud

$300,000.00 – Underinsured Motorist

$200,000.00 – Premises Liability

$170,000.00 –Wrongful Death

$160,000.00 – Medical Malpractice

$90,000.00 – Car Wreck

$85,000.00 - Medical Malpractice

$80,000.00 - Car Wreck

$78,000.00 – Premises Liability

$75,000.00 – Car Wreck

$70,000.00 – Premises Liability

$50,000.00 – Uninsured Motorist

$50,000.00 – Uninsured Motorist

$50,000.00 – Car Wreck

$50,000.00 – Car Wreck

$38,500.00 – Dog Bite

$25,000.00 – Underinsured Motorist

$25,000.00 – Car Wreck

$25,000.00 – Car Wreck