Issue 1 Debated at the Arkansas Bar Convention

Issue 1 was the hot topic of debate at the Arkansas Bar Convention in Hot Springs a few weeks ago.  A legislative panel addressed the topic at length, and many of the sponsors of the proposed constitutional amendment were grilled and their motivations questioned.  Click the link to read the article from the Hot Springs Sentinel Record.  Judge for yourself whether elected officials in Arkansas side with their constituents or the monied special interests and lobbyists that swarm the Capitol during the session.

Jesse Gibson Elected to Arkansas Bar Association House of Delegates


This summer, I was honored to be elected to the Arkansas Bar Association House of Delegates.  In my short time in that capacity, I have enjoyed serving and offering my perspectives to fellow Bar members.  I am committed to doing all I can to serve the attorneys of this state as they fight every day to advocate for truth, justice, and equity.  Whether it be to fight against greedy special interests or personal wrongdoers, attorneys are the last best line of defense to the hard working citizens of Arkansas.  I look forward to my term and welcome any input or thoughts about how to better serve the Bar.